Returning to the Blog and Updates

Returning to writing blog posts was a bit of a scary thing for me but I finally have enough brain power to get back to writing on this blog. It has been a long time coming since I believe my last post was in July. I am kind of proud that I was only gone for a few months versus the last time I went dark on here. Here is a quick update on what has been going on:

S Has Arrived!

I am a mom! S was born about a month ago and we couldn’t be more excited. I haven’t decide how many photos (if any) I am going to be sharing of her on here/on social media (I’ll write about my feelings on that in a different blog post) but there are a couple of photos on my Instagram. This last month or so has been beautiful and challenging but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ll complete my pregnancy journey on here and then will post a full detailed labor and delivery story.

My Fitness Journey

Due to me being sick for most of my pregnancy, I essentially stopped exercising. The most exercise I was doing was walking when traveling to and from work. Now, I have been feeling pretty good and am eagerly anticipating getting back to exercising. I am feeling the itch to take up running again and I have had a membership at pilates studio for a while. Hopefully at my next check up, everything will be fine and I’ll be able to get my fitness back on track.

New Horizons

My current job is ending. My fellowship is over and I have no idea what I am going to do. I’ve been thinking about finding a new job yet or becoming a stay at home mom and I am looking forward to exploring my options over the next couple of months that I wanted to give myself as maternity leave.

I think those are all the major things that have happened over the last couple of months. Things are pretty busy since we are in the thick of the  holidays but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for sticking around and I hope to have more posts soon.

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  1. Sue Ellen says:

    Thanks for sharing! Always love your posts and can relate when thinking back many years ago to that very special time. Keep them coming. 🙂

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