Amazon Prime Day Sales

I have a confession to make: I have been waiting for Amazon’s Prime Day sales for weeks.

I figured that it might be the best time to grab check out some deals on baby related products including some that are on our baby registry. At around 2:30pm, I checked out Amazon and looked up all of the items I was going to try to get and added them to my watch list. At 3pm, I was ready to buy things and after about a half an hour this happened:

Although this dog is adorable, the error page became annoying very quickly…


Amazon did fix the problems and I was able to snag a few items that I wanted for the baby. Here they are below. (Please note: This is not a sponsored post but I did include affiliate links below for a test drive).

Amazon Goodies

I thought this might be a good keepsake to remember just how small our baby was at one time. This item was originally $21.95 and I bought it for $12.88 (before taxes). The hand print kit can be found here.

One of my goals is to travel with our baby and I thought a lightweight stroller would be an excellent tool to have. This stroller was originally $99 and the price dropped to $62.67. There was an additional 15% coupon included so I ended up buying the stroller for $53.27 (before taxes). Here is a link to the stroller.

I wanted a pack n’ play so that our baby would have a place to sleep on the main floor of our home. It could also be a place for the baby to sleep when we are traveling. I was looking at models but kept this one on the registry just in case it went on sale. And on sale it went. This item was about $123.99 and I got it for $59.49 (before taxes). Here is the pack n’ play (in a different color).

The last product I found for the baby was one I wasn’t actively trying to find. I bought these glass baby food storage containers by Jervis and George and they can be found here. I bought 6 jars and the original cost was $19.99 and I got them for $12.99 (before taxes).

Were you able to score any deals on Amazon Prime Day? If so, what where they?

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  1. SueEllen says:

    I did not know about the Amazon Prime Day Sales event, but I do now! I took advantage of the day by stocking up on my vitamins and bought a new hair styler. I also bought a little something for my significant other in hopes of soon barbecuing on our deck. I can’t say how pleased he will be by it, but it pleases me, haha.

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