Twilighter 5K Recap

Twilighter 5K Recap

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Last night, I finished the Twilighter 5k. It wasn’t my best race but I’m glad I finished it.

Adam (my fiancé) and I arrived at the pre-registration tent about an hour before the race. I ran into my racing partner ‘n’ crime and one of my maids of honor, Bridget at the water stations. We usually run races around the DMV together and this was no exception. We hung out and watched as the other racers and spectators arrived for the race. I was hoping to meet Mar before the race but we had just missed each other.

The race was set to begin at 8:30pm so Bridget and I moved toward the start and finish line at 8:20pm.

Crystal City Twilighter 5k Banner

Crystal City Twilighter 5k Banner

Bridget and Me

Oh hey Bridget!

On the way there we saw President Woodrow Wilson hanging out in the crowd.

President Wilson

President Wilson

At 8:30pm, the race began.

I had been having pains in my left foot all week but still planned on running the race. I took some safety precautions and wrapped my foot before the race.

Wrapped Foot

Ready to Run! Maybe???

The race was just a little over three miles so I thought what’s the worst that could happen, right? Wrong.

After running for about .5 miles, I felt small sharp pains in the arch of my foot. When I reached mile 1, the pain became too strong for me to continue running. I sped walk for about .10 of a mile and then tried running as long as I could before slowing down to speed walk again. The course had two water stations (that were relatively close together which I thought was interesting) so stopping for a bit to grab water helped ease the pain I felt. I alternated walking and running for the rest of the race. At the end I was able to sprint and finished at 44:11 according to my Nike Run App. I am still looking for Pacers to hopefully post the official finishing times at a later date.

While I was hobbling away from the start/finish line, I did run into Mar and we were able to grab a picture together.

Mar and I

Mar and I meeting at the end of the race. Photo Credit: Mar

Adam and I went out to eat afterward and called it a night soon after.

Today I spent most of the day relaxing and when even when I walked, the pain wasn’t that bad. I think I am going to put my running on hold for a bit and take it easy for a few days before jumping back in the saddle.


    • Bri says:

      Hi Tricia,

      I’m working on it! My foot actually didn’t bother me too much today but my legs were an entirely different story. I understand why they were sore but it’s strange that it my foot didn’t hurt more (not that I am complaining).

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