The Proposal-Part 1

The Proposal-Part 1

The day started out as a relatively normal day. Adam and I took the day off from work because we wanted to continue unpacking our things after our move (we moved into our new apartment the week before) and I had two of my best friends coming into town to visit. I had a feeling something might have been up since Bridget (best friend, running partner ‘n’ crime) went with me to get my hair and nails done earlier in the week and Adam was acting a little strange throughout the day but I shook it off. Dee and Jazmine (the two friends mentioned above) were supposed to come down and visit on Friday but told me they ended up pushing things back to Saturday due to “unforeseen circumstances.” (Yeah…uh huh….sure.)

Because of the change in plans, I decided to meet up with my college friend Hallie for happy hour because we hadn’t seen each other in a while. I wanted to meet up with her at around 5:00pm and Adam kept telling me that we could go to happy hour with her later. I asked him what time later meant and he said 6:45pm. Now anyone that lives in DC or elsewhere knows that just about all happy hours end at 7pm. So when I kept poking Adam about it, he just told that he needed to pick something up and that we could leave after that.

Hallie, who was enthusiastic about going to happy hour at 5pm, all of a sudden told me that we should meet at 6:00pm or 6:15pm which was disappointing (hey we were missing out a great opportunity to drink margaritas!) but I understood.

I left Adam alone for a bit and decided to text Dee since I was disappointed both her and Jazmine would not be able to make it until Saturday. While texting Dee, who I hadn’t seen in almost 2 ½ years due to her serving in the Peace Corps, I clicked something on my iPhone that if the other person has the location setting set in their iMessage, you can see where their location is. Dee happened to have that setting turned on and I saw that she was in Washington, D.C. so I started asking her why did she lie to me. She stopped texting me soon after that.

All of this made me suspicious so I asked Adam what should I wear (I had this thing about wanting to wear a dress when I was proposed to….don’t ask) and he told me he didn’t know and to ask Bridget. So I text Bridget and she told me that I should wear a dress but that she had “failed me cause it was the one time I wasn’t wearing what I should have been cause it was so damn cold.” (I forgave her because in the grand scheme of things it really didn’t matter).

I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to get ready so I got dressed up and was ready for happy hour at 6pm. When I got out of the bathroom, Adam stopped me at the door and told me to use his computer while he was gone. And he left.

So I went over to his computer, and on the keyboard was a my business card that I gave him on one of our first dates (thanks for the reminder Adam!) (well would you look at that!) written on it. I turned it over and it was my business card that I had given Adam on our first date. So I typed in the url and Bretagal popped up (we moved the proposal website to Bretagal so I could use this site for the blog).

Business card with on it

Business card with on it


And then my “proposal mystery” began…


  1. SueEllen says:

    I am a little slow… is the proposal website still up? I remember the video, as it made me proud to know that my son was and, hopefully, still is a romanticist. 🙂

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